Why You Should Be Using Long Tail Keywords To Generate Highly Targeted Traffic

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Long-Tail Keywords are a better way to connect with your customers

A long tail keyword is a keyword that contains three or more words and is used to target niche demographics instead of appealing to a mass audience. They may seem a little bit counter intuitive at first but once you understand the reasoning behind them, and learn how to implement them you will never go back to single, generalized keywords. Because they are directly targeted at your niche demographic they provide both short and long term solutions.


"Normal" Keyword = Steak Dinner

"Long Tail" Keyword = Steak Dinner in Dublin Ireland

Market Competitiveness

Long tail keywords are very valuable as they allow businesses and marketers to rank highly and organically for a much cheaper cost. Consider this, if you try to rank for the term "iPhone Cases" you will be competing with thousands of other websites who are trying to rank for that generic term. Instead if you where to use a keyword term like "handmade custom iPhone covers in Spain" you would be bidding with a far smaller group of people ultimately lowering the cost per click for that term. This doesn't take a SEO ninja to realise this is a better deal. Not only because you ill be paying less per click on your long tail keyword, you will also be targeting your marketing directly at your potential customers as they know what they want to buy they're simply looking for the means to do so.


So which keyword tool should you use?

There are many choices to choose from and after trying out a few free and paid services i tend to use LongTail Pro the most. You can start a 1 dollar trial and them opt into two different billing systems. You can choose to be charged monthly at $37 a month or you can choose to pay annually which works out cheaper at $25 per month. This may seem a little steep but they offer a high quality and reliable service. A quick google search and you can find out all you need to know about them. Yes this is an affiliate link, thank you very much if you decide to use it.


Good Research Gives Good Results

There is no magic button for generating the right keywords. If you are looking to target a specific niche demographic you need to do the right research before deciding what keyword terms you are going to bid on. You also have to consider who you will be competing with and if you want to and can compete with them. Once you find your niche demographics and decided on a website design you should use email marketing and other tactics to further increase your connections with your customers. You can fin out more about these subjects from our Home Page.


The Real Beauty


Long tail keywords allow you to develop content that will allow you to directly target your product or service at people who may not even be aware that you exist. You are able to present yourself to potential customers as the solution to their problem. Focusing on long tail keywords give you a clear advantage in your industry as it allows you to capitalise on highly targeted traffic.

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